Social Networking has made me a better photorapher.

Not, or maybe, it’s hard to say. I seem to be spending more time on the social sites trying to keep up on things than actually shooting. That’s not to say that it hasn’t been productive, it has, but I would rather spend my time shooting.

In the past couple of months since starting on this SMM (Social Media Marketing) kick, I have found a bunch of outstanding photographers that share the same vision and ideas that I have. For years I felt I was alone in what I was doing with my photography. Every once in a while, I would happen upon a photographer in a magazine that was shooting something crazy like “Urban Oasis” and I would be amazed at their take on it. Now, It seems that I am being inundated with photographers doing the same kinds of things that I like.

There is a yin and yang to this tho. On one side is the yin, the negative, that being some of the most awesome work by some very talented photographers. I get ill viewing their work because it is so much better than anything that I have done, so much so that it takes the wind from my sails.

The yang being that I get inspired to do better than I have in the past and I spend more time looking for better photographic opportunities. I feel that my photography has improved but that is a subjective point of view and is left to the viewer to decide if my work has merit.

Social Media may not be making me a better photographer but it has given me the impetus to do better and it is showing me different ways to shot, I just have to pull myself away from the computer and my phone to shot more.