…of alcohol and late nights

It has been some time since I put thoughts to electronic media but the flow of neurons and alcohol have given me impetus to do just that at this late hour. 2014 was not a good year for me either in photography or blogging my ideas and I seemed to flounder along doing just the bare minimum to get along and provide for my family. I have been lost in a fog of emotional despair that has kept me from doing anything creative or inspirational but I hope that all of this curmudgeonly ineptitude will be at an end with the new year and a new outlook on life. The mere thought of picking up a camera for the simple act of capturing images that provoke an emotional reaction has me paralyzed with inaction that I “MUST” shake off or I may never do that which I love so dearly. It is not a feeling of inadequacy that has me mired down but that what I see in my minds eye never fully meets with the reality of what is captured, nah, that’s BS because I just haven’t felt the desire and the passion that used to burn so deeply within. So sit back but don’t get your hopes up because I sure as heck won’t, and lets see what this year brings