Impromptue band photog.


My daughter enjoys her music and she loves going to see bands perform at the New Daisy on Beale St. here in Memphis, but because she can’t drive, her mother or I usually get drafted into the taxi service. I don’t mind taking her because that gives me the opportunity to wander around and capture the people that visit our city and usually I end up getting some interesting shots. Eventually, after wandering around for a few hours getting some shooting in and eating, I end up back at the venue and because I look like a pro photographer (I like to think that’s the reason) the event staff usually just let me in. I have been to a few of these concerts with my camera in hand and that usually means “take a shot”. I have been pleasantly surprised by some of the results I have gotten. All of the bands I have seen and captured have been extremely powerful in that they are constantly moving and jumping about the stage. Now, I have been to see a lot of bands in my lifetime and most like the “Stones” or the “Scorpions” have been sedate compared to these bands today. The shot above was capture using a Nikon F4 camera with an 80-200 f4 lens and Kodak BW400CN film and one of the reasons I like it is because of the movement and energy that it conveys.

Theses shots were taken with a Nikon D300s and a 105 2.8 micro lens. I hate to admit it, but my daughter has some good taste in music, yes they are loud and yes they are like wild gophers on speed but they are fun to watch and shoot and the music isn’t half bad. If any of these bands needs a photographer, here is my shameless plug.


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